Do you want to work as a Dentist in the Netherlands or Belgium?

Do you want to work as a Dentist in the Netherlands or Belgium?

In the Netherlands there is a shortage of Dentists.  Every year 300 Dentists retire and no more than 240 graduate from the Dental School. 17% of the country’s 8670 registered Dentists are foreign. They are mainly from Germany, Portugal and Spain. The biggest shortage in the Netherlands is in the Province of Zeeland, Limburg, Friesland and a part of Noord-Brabant, so here you will find the most practices that are looking for a Dentist.  There are also vacancies in Belgium in the region of Antwerp, Gent and the surroundings.
In the Netherlands and also in Beligum the public transport is very well organised so it is easy to get from one place to another by train or bus.  So you can live in a bigger city and work in a smaller village or the other way around.

What can you expect from Jobs Square if you decide you want to work as a Dentist in the Netherlands or Belgium?

  • Helping you to find the best and most suitable practice
  • Helping you to find a recognized Institute. We will make the contacts and support you to learn the Dutch language at the B2+ level, for your BIG registration.
  • Helping you with the procedures to get your BIG registration or RIZIV registration (for working in Belgium)
  • Helping you by getting the 30% facility for incomming employees and getting a practice that provides this.
  • Help in finding accommodation
  • We will give you information and assist in giving you the routes from Portugal, Greece, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria or any other country in the EU, to work in the Netherlands or Belgium
  • Help in a Professional and friendly manner to find you a Job and support in the Job

What do we expect from you?

  • Commitment, a Professional and active attitude to achieve a dynamic co-operation with us and the practice
  • The commitment to work, with a contract of employment in a practice, in the above mentioned regions, in the Netherlands or Belgium
    Learning the Dutch language as well and as quickly as possible.
  • Commitment to work in the Netherlands or Belgium for a minimum of 3 years and preferably longer.
  • To have a Professional and friendly attitude at all times to achieve this
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